Lawsuit Resolution

We can help you with resolving creditor lawsuits and identifying creditor collection violations.

Lawsuit Resolution

For those who want to RESOLVE their debt, typically by settling, we negotiate a principal reduction, manageable payment plan, and/or elimination of interest and costs.

Collection & Credit Reporting Violations

If your collectors have violated your rights, we will review those claims with you and evaluate whether the violations will help reduce or eliminate your debt or possibly result in the payment of money to you.

Other Lawsuit Matters

We often assist clients in other miscellaneous matters in lawsuits. For example, we may be able to help vacate judgments if you were never served.

Student Loans

JJS Law LLP provides lawsuit defense to students being sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust and other student loan lawsuit matters. Our professional defense can help you settle on more favorable terms or potentially have the lawsuit dismissed.

What We Do

Our primary mission at JJS is to assist consumers when they have been sued. We have a network of attorneys and staff nationwide that can assist in most US jurisdictions.

Why choose our team?

JJS Law, LLP is a law firm that represents consumers in resolving lawsuits brought against them by their credit card companies and private student loan creditors.
We specialize in evaluating claims for violations of various creditor collection laws. Using information from FDCPA laws, we are able to help resolve debts and lawsuits.
Our extensive team of lawyers and negotiators works tirelessly to resolve cases swiftly and in the most beneficial way possible to the client.

Meet the Partners

We can handle all of your creditor disputes.

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We fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

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